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I highly recommend Silver-Gold-Refinery to anyone selling gold jewelry in NYC. They are the only place that didn’t put any pressure on my decision and gave me the time I needed. They have an amazing staff that is very experienced and helpful. Great prices and staff overall. I would come back anytime. Thanks!‎

By Alisha

Apr 14, 2010

With the economy the way it’s been lately, I decided it was time to start investing in gold and silver bullion. I called around and most places I called were very short on the phone and acted as if they were doing me a favor. Then I called the Gold Buyers NY and the were very nice and didn’t treat me like I was an inconvenience to them. They intelligently answered all of my questions and quoted me very fair prices over the phone. When I got into the store, they were just as nice as they had been over the phone and had a great selection of gold and silver bullion. I highly recommend this store to anyone who is interested in buying and/or selling gold and silver. They also had some very pretty jewelry (which is awfully tempting when you’re walking around with cash to buy gold!).‎

By Raphael

Mar 13, 2010

On my last day of my vacation in New York, I checked around for the best place who can offer me a good deal for my ring. I can’t find a good deal for my ring so I’ve decided not to sell it anymore, but on my way to Time Square I came across their shop and they were able to appraise my ring 15% higher compared to the price that was offered to me by other appraiser. I was very happy when I left the store. Great customer service. Highly recommended jewelry buyer.‎

By Daniela

Apr 04, 2010

If your selling gold, jewelry, diamonds or watches you need Silver-Gold-Refinery – They have the best staff and are very fast. I sold some gold coins and watches to them which i was very impressed with not only their prices but service as well.

By Anne K.

18 January 2010

I plan on selling my gold necklace, when I heard from a friend about this place. And whoah, to my surprise. I found out that they have the highest payout for gold in nyc. That was amazing selling erxperience I have.

By Greg

16 January 2010

Best Place to Sell Gold NYC  Silver-Gold-Refinery

I highly recommend Silver-Gold-Refinery to any selling gold jewelry & Diamonds in NYC. I heard about them from a friend and did some research, I felt very comfortable working with them and they even gave me a great price for all my gold jewelry. Visit them first for selling your gold jewelry in Manhattan NY.

By Becky

Sold them my Watch collection. My Rolex, Cartier, Breilting, & Omega. They were very professional in the process of me selling my watches from the start of my phone call to them. They looked up every watch and went accordingly to the retail prices of the market. Soon I will be back with more to sell.

By Chris

Was skeptical about selling gold online, but after I saw these gold buyers they were great. I mailed them my gold and and they sent me a check the next day. I was more then satisfied with the amount i received

By Jared

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