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NYC Platinum Buyers is proudly serving New York City and countrywide for people like jewelers, dentists, pawn shops, hobbyists, and of course the entire general public in selling their platinum for cash. We offer the highest cash for all platinum.

When selling platinum jewelry or selling platinum watches you should know that we may pay higher than full spot for certain items. For platinum watches we have paid 10 or even 20 times more than the platinum melt value. With old platinum jewelry we also pay more than the full melt value. We also pay for small diamonds instead of charging you for removal. Something other platinum buyers will not do.

When you are looking for a scrap platinum buyer we are confident that we will meet your needs. We are a family based business original started in 1961. Whether you are looking for scrap platinum buyers or scrap gold buyers we charge no assay fees and no refining fees. We offer cash in as little as five minutes when you come to our office in Manhattan.

Sell Platinum NYC – Manhattan Platinum Buyers

We offer 110% customer satisfaction when you sell us your platinum jewelry. Our office is located in New York City’s Diamond district, and we also buy platinum online; by either calling us or filling out are quote form.

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