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Wage Garnishment In Maryland

Wage Garnishment In MarylandAre you dealing with financial trouble since the IRS started wage garnishment in Maryland? If you owe the IRS money, they have the legal right to demand payment. They can take it right out of your paycheck, before you ever see it. Give us a call and tell us your story.

It is possible for a debtor’s bank account to be subject to garnishment when a request is filed for Garnishment of Property Other than Wages. This time, a creditor provides the court with the name as well as the address of the financial institution with the debtor’s account. The financial institution then becomes the garnishee and must then reply in the span of 30 days upon the service of the judgment. The reply must include a Confession of Assets, which is a list of all the assets of the debtor, being held by the bank. This is one option for a creditor should they not be able to accomplish wage garnishment in Maryland.

In a bank account garnishment, the garnishee (financial institution) is ordered to pay the judgments from the funds from the debtor’s account, should the court rule in the creditor’s favor. The process takes about 30 days from the original request. Wage garnishment in Maryland can be a trying financial problem for many. This is why it is important to explore your different options in order to smartly address the hiccup. Maryland Wage Garnishment might just be the answer to your problem. The group specializes in different wage garnishment cases, offering a wide range of solutions to help you cope with your garnished wages. Maryland Wage Garnishment is a trusted firm that can help you deal with issues regarding wage garnishment. Get through your financial roadblock with smart and legal options. Call us now.